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The MLG International Faceoff is an MLG event that hopes to crown the best Rocket League team in the world.

MLG International EU vs NA Faceoff
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Tournament Information
Organizer Major League Gaming
Location Online
Format Event Format
Prize Pool $300
Date 08/25/2015
Start Date 08/25/2015
End Date 08/25/2015
Website MLG
Stream Stream


In an attempt to make the best Rocket League team in the world known, MLG is hosting an EU vs NA tournament where some of the biggest superstars from the scene can contend for cash prizes and bragging rights.


  • Best of 7 matches
  • Maps will be chosen using the Mapvote System
  • Match Time: 5 Minutes
  • PS4 and PC

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Image from MLG

Participating Teams

Cosmic Aftershock
Cosmic Aftershock(ibuypower cosmic)
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Kings of Urban
Kings of Urban
 Kyle Masc
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FlipSid3 Tactics
FlipSid3 Tactics
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Team Shazoo
Team Shazoo
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